Dryer Vent Cleaning made Easier - Green Ideas from the Wizard of Vallejo

Dryer vent cleaning Vallejo CA: Dryer vent cleaning is recommended at least once a year to keep clothes dryers operating safely and efficiently. Dryer vent cleaning is required to maintain optimum air-flow, which is the most important element in the function of your clothes dryer.

Clothes dryers are among the most expensive appliances to operate; they use 10 to 15% of all domestic energy in the US! Though clothes dryers have been improved with energy efficient settings, they are still very expensive to operate and they are the most likely appliance to cause a fire.

Save Money – Line Drying is FREE!

Most people refuse to be without the convenience of a clothes dryer, even though line-drying is considerably cheaper. Those who do use a clothes line enjoy much lower gas & electric bills; they are also helping the environment. Indoor drying racks work too, especially when the weather does not permit hanging clothes outside.

Fun in the Sun!

Another benefit of line-drying is you get to be outside while doing housework! Enjoy the sun and warm breeze while you hang clothes on the line. The sun is known to contain health benefits as our bodies soak it up. Bending to pick up the item and stretching to hang it while breathing fresh air is good physical exercise too.

More Line-drying means Less Dryer Vent Cleaning

Even in spite of all the benefits of line drying, most people refuse to give up the clothes dryer altogether. That’s understandable, so why not line-dry some of the time? Just hang sheets and towels outside while other items are tumbling in the dryer. Line-drying saves a ton of money on energy costs; line-drying part-time can save a great deal too. Here are some of the best benefits of line-drying:

• Save Money - It is possible for many households to save over $25 per month in energy bills!
• Fresh Scent – Laundry smells fresh without spending money on toxic chemicals that can cause allergic reactions for some people
• Conserve Energy – Reduce the impact your lifestyle has on the environment
• Bleach and disinfect naturally, with sunlight
• Enjoy the Great Outdoors – Many people believe that sunlight is healthy for our mind and body.
• Free to come and go – Run errands or take a nap while clothes are line drying. Never leave the house or go to sleep when clothes are tumbling in the dryer!
• Clothes last longer – Dryer lint is actually particles from your clothing! I’ve never seen clothes line lint!
Dryer Vent Cleaning is easier – Less dryer operation means less dryer lint; therefore, dryer vent cleaning is easier.

When the weather is not right for line drying, in the wintertime, indoor drying racks work very well. They also provide humidity during the dry winter weather. Line-drying or using drying racks part-time will reduce your energy bills considerably.

Dryer vent cleaning and proper maintenance is a must if you choose to continue using a clothes dryer, as you most likely will. Dryer vent cleaning is essential maintenance to improve air-flow, increase the life of your clothes dryer, reduce energy bills, and prevent dryer fires.

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